weaving, dyeing, embroidery, pleating



The Kebab Project was born from a  lucky encounter between my passion for textiles and a fascination for the popular food sphere.


«The Kebab Project»  is thought of as an ode to the universe of popular food. An ode to an honest universe.  Cheap food does not make any fuss! 

The project reinterprets a food universe through textiles, by giving the opportunity to tell a curious and quirky story that leaves the imagination a wide field of possibilities For some, the kebab refers to «junk food». However, to me, It evokes a poetic universe, a whole palette of sensations combining pleasure, comfort, and sweetness.  Through a playful and offbeat textile reinterpretation, you will feast on a bed of silk petals façon spicy meat, an Iceberg salad made of pleats surrounded by weaved cotton, and lurex inspired by aluminum foil.

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Marine Frossard Razafy_2017_04_05_Kebab_
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